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The University of Science and Philosophy

Swannanoa Palace - A Pictorial History

Swannanoa Palace - A Pictorial History

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Swannanoa Palace by Victoria Airisun Wonderli

A Pictorial History - Its Past and People

292 Pages

ISBN: 978-0-9856844-0-2

Swannanoa Palace in Afton, Virginia served as the home of the Russells and the base of the University of Science and Philosophy for almost 50 years, as it also celebrated its 100th Year Anniversary of having been built in 2012. Airisun Wonderli, an author and resident of the area has combined her formal education in Art, her 10 years in the architectural drafting field, her experience in photography, and her study and passion for the Russell work to bring to the public for the first time a visual chronological history. As the two more recent biographies of the Russells bring forward the details of their lives, this pictorial volume gives life to an introduction of the Russells:  their work before their lives merged, how they came to choose the Palace in setting up their foundation, presenting the Palace as a museum for Walter Russell’s extraordinary artwork, sculptures and scientific findings, and finally their commitment in bringing their philosophy and Message of Unity and Oneness to the World.

Having full access to the archives from the University, this author has chosen from more than 6000 photos and produced approximately 135 pages of full color memorable moments in the lives of the Russells in its 292 pages.  It contains never-before-seen photos of Walter Russell illustrations researched from his own books and others and many 100 year-old photos from his early life.  Having just been published in September, 2013, this long-awaited photo journal introduces the extraordinary lives of the Russells and gives a visual summary of their special years at Swannanoa Palace.

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