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The University of Science and Philosophy

The Secret of Light

The Secret of Light

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The Secret of Light by Walter Russell, illuminates the many questions regarding the nature of science and consciousness. This book was the first introduction of his immortal words written down while in his 39 day illumination experience in May-June of 1921. That experience gave to the world, the foundation upon which the University of Science and Philosophy was created. The understandings Russell expresses in this book are very inspiring and profound. A true classic that has awoken many students and people around the world.

  • Part I: Omniscience, The Universe of Knowing
  • Part II: Omnipotence, The Universe of Power 
  • Part III: Omnipresence; The Universe of Being

((( Click Here to read an excerpt from Chapter XII )))

330 Page Hardcover

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ISBN: 978-1-879605-44-2

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