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The University of Science and Philosophy

Home Study Course, Special 3rd Edition

Home Study Course, Special 3rd Edition

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The Home Study Course Special 3rd Edition with enhanced text and colorful images. 12 Units, 934 Pages

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Dear Reader,

This course of study is written for those who have felt the deep urge within them to know that rare experience known as Cosmic Conscious Illumination, which comes only to those whose inner sensory perception is beginning to unfold. Those who are thus illumined, even if by but a flash of the Cosmic Light, reach the greatest heights of mental exaltation that it is possible for humans to know.

Many thousands in this day and age are on the verge of feeling the awakening of that divine spark of inner vision and inner knowing which sets them to seeking -- seeking they know not what, nor where to
look for that "something" that will satisfy their inner longing.

The study course begins with a scientific explanation of meditation, or communion with God, and is followed by a scientific explanation of prayer. Also included is a scientific explanation of Cosmic Consciousness and that rarest of all human experiences know as THE ILLUMINATION.

Our study course is for the purpose of aiding you to make that transition. For this reason the teaching of the power to open the door to the Light of your Self, through an understanding of what meditation means, is paramount and begins the course. The Course is for the purpose of making you know the invisible universe in order to manifest your
knowing in the visible universe

1. Every intense student of our course can become a consummate PHILOSOPHER because the living philosophy of our teachings gives him wisdom and power to control his destiny.

2. He can be a consummate SCIENTIST because he becomes so thoroughly familiar with God's motivative forces and processes that his knowledge gives him the power to command all matter to obey his will.

3. He can be a consummate DOCTOR and Natural healer, for he knows how God restores balance and normalcy to unbalanced bodies and minds which needlessly fill our hospitals and mental institutions.

4. He can be a consummate LAWYER, for he knows all of Nature's Law of rhythmic balanced interchange from which man builds his principles of justice, symbolized by balanced scales.

5. He can be a consummate LEADER, for his knowledge of Nature's laws and processes gives him command over material forces, and gives him wisdom to command his own destiny, which a leader must have before he can command the destiny of other men.

6. He can become the consummate MATHEMATICIAN, for in his hands he holds the master key to mathematics which lies in the repetitive sequences of the octave wave of nine tones of the wave spectrum that vibrate between the equilibrium zeros which eternally end his nines to begin them again at one.

7 . Or he can become t he consummate POET, MUSICIAN, PAINTER, SCULPTOR, ARCHITECT. ENGINEER, INVENTOR and other genius interpreters of Nature's rhythms and harmonies, that alone lie in the living heartbeat of this universe which is but an infinite multiple of one octave wave.

These also define what we mean by the transformation of the physical man, whose conclusions are drawn from the evidence of his senses, to cosmic man, who knows CAUSE which lies behind the EFFECTS that his senses alone perceive.

Develop Inner Thinking and Creative Expression
While initial study should be done in solitude, families and groups of friends should study this course together and discuss it together, for by such interchange each one helps the other. Children of families should be "reared" upon this new cosmic knowledge. It will make greater men and women of them by developing their inner thinking and creative expression.

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Customer Reviews

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Dave B.

I first heard the name Walter Russell a few months ago. When I heard his name, he sounded so familiar to me - but I didn't know why. I next read his book "The Secret of Light" and I knew right then this was information I'd been searching for my whole life (I'm 67). Once I learned Walter and his wife Lao had written and compiled a home study course, I couldn't order it fast enough. I didn't have to wait long as it shipped the same day I ordered it and arrived a few days later carefully packaged (I ordered the complete 12 unit course). I'm now halfway through the course and I can honestly say it has significantly changed my life for the better and given me bountiful spiritual treasure. The message is deeply profound yet so simple at the same time. There is a poetic rhythmic quality to it and even the space between the words shines through authenticating the Divine nature of the teaching (something the Russell's talk about). I am so blessed to have received this material and encourage others to do the same. The world needs this priceless knowledge more than ever. Thank you Walter & Lao Russell and USP!

Hugo G.

I could write pages about it, but it really is simple: ''This material should be provided to every human as a basis of study of how the ligh of God/Life works and how to tune into it". Please make everybody a favor and study this. The world needs it.

Sharon R.

Just starting lesson 4. What I can say is that this is what I have been looking for, for a long time. I am a senior - senior and as I smile "You are never to old" to continue the upward and inward path. We are all being called... I look forward to attending a Thursday nite meet up. Thank you, glad you are here.

Thomas W.

The home study course is great it takes you to another level of understanding

Melanie A.

Walter Russell came to me in perfect timing. I�ve read through the first 4 units - plan on rereading before my next units come in. Love,love,love this!!!!